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Reiki can best be described as a gentle yet powerful healing energy. It is an increasingly popular highly rated treatment, working in harmony with both traditional medicine and other therapies. Reiki is excellent for helping to relieve aches and pains, insomnia and symptoms of anxiety. Reiki is a breath of fresh air in a stressful world.


Inner Kalm Therapy RoomA Reiki treatment with Inner Kalm is a deeply relaxing and healing experience. You will recline fully clothed on a comfortable therapy table, whilst listening to calming music.

Your therapist will gently place their hands on, or just above the energy centres of the body known as chakras. This allows the Reiki to flow to the areas of the body where it is most needed. Reiki energy is often felt as a comforting healing heat.

When the chakras are depleted of good energy, you may feel tired and lacking in stamina, also the immune system may be vulnerable. All of this can encourage ailments to set in and emotional anxiety. A good Reiki treatment received from a practiced and caring therapist, will restore your energy, and strengthen the immune system to keep you calm, strong and healthy. You needn’t be ill to experience Reiki, a regular monthly top up is the perfect way to keep you happy and healthier. A treatment will last between 50 minutes and an hour. We at Inner Kalm have years of experience, and more importantly are blessed to be natural healers, which makes all the difference.


Inner Kalm  Therapy Room

Inner Kalm Reiki appointments are also available with James and Suzanne. (Usui Reiki Masters)


Everyone can learn Reiki, but not everyone is a natural teacher.

Normalene has taught Reiki since 2005 and has attuned many happy people into the world of Reiki healing. She believes in teaching the traditional Usui way, and this means teaching levels one and two separately. This method gives the student a chance to thoroughly absorb the teachings and energies, before attempting to learn the next level up. Not only is this preferable, but it gives the student a chance to perfect their own self- healing while working  on their pets, friends and family,  before moving on to the public sector.

Normalene provides an excellent course and prefers to teach small classes. She also offers one to one training at no extra cost. This allows her students the opportunity to ask questions and learn more thoroughly.

A typical training day is relaxed, informative and enjoyable. We have many testimonials on how good our courses are!

Reiki workshops are run over one full day and include lunch, a fully informative yet easy to understand training manual, practical healing work, copy of Reiki lineage and Reiki certificate. (Please note that Reiki 2 certificates will only be issued when traditional healing requirements are completed)


Some people may need a “Reiki Refresher Course.” This means they may feel as if they could have had more thorough training from a previous trainer’s course, or they have forgotten much of what to do, feel unsure and need more confidence. If this sounds like you, then please contact me for details on what a refresher course can offer you.


Inner Kalm Reiki training courses are “On-Going.” This means instead of having pre-planned fixed dates which may not suit everyone’s working commitments; we offer flexible dates to suit you.

Unless a course has been specially requested to be “one to one, “previously booked course dates may be advertised. Please check out our sister website for possible forthcoming course dates, or take the plunge and book your own date. If you have been thinking on learning Reiki for some time, then that time may be now!


Most animals adore Reiki. The energy is known to relax nervous pets and also helps to support animals physically.  In most cases Reiki can be used to help all creatures great and small (even fish), and I have found it a joy to work with animals as well as people.  Norma with cat - animals love reiki and respond well to it

Many of my students have had a good level of success in treating their pets. (If you would like me to send very strong distant healing to any animal, then please contact me with their details, and I will be happy to help)

Keyra and Jake with Norma - these dogs love their Reiki!    

I feel privileged that both birds and animals in general seem to sense my love for them and approach me of their own accord. Animals are very wise and intuitive, and seem to know who has healing hands. I AM ALSO A SHAMANIC REIKI PRACTITIONER.

Reiki founder Dr Mikao Usui


This level I feel is the most important level, bringing in positive changes for yourself. It is a way of helping you to become stronger mentally, emotionally and physically. Reiki one is a threshold to a new positive way of living, releasing negativity and awakening the spiritual essence within. Reiki one energy can also be given to family, friends, plants and animals all to a satisfactory level. Many people are happy to stay at this level, while others may desire to go further. People are all individuals and choose what feels right for them.


This stage of Reiki is known as practitioner level, although not everyone who learns it wishes to treat the public. After working with Reiki and gaining suitable experience, some students feel compelled to learn further. This extra attunement allows them to obtain insurance should they wish to practise Reiki for a career.

Many people however, choose to learn Reiki two, purely for self healing purposes and also to develop their new ability to greater levels to help their family, pets and friends. This level allows the student and recipient to experience a stronger healing energy, and also to send distant healing to loved ones wherever they may live.

Distant healing has been proven to be very profound in assisting both people and situations and is fairly simple to learn. Certificate for Reiki two will be issued following practical requirements.




This powerful level is unfortunately not always offered to students. Not everyone wants to train to Master Teacher level, as it requires a lot of time and commitment to teach classes and train others, as well as being of some considerable expense. People who learn Advanced Reiki Healing benefit from this higher level of training. This forerunner course well prepares them for Master Teacher level should they decide to do this in the future. Others may have no desire for this, but would greatly benefit from being attuned to this very strong Masters level of intense healing, either to help themselves, or to treat someone with a chronic complaint. This then is why some Reiki Masters offer the flexibility of this advanced level of training to students, as I do.

Further details of this course on request.

Founder of Reiki - Dr. Mikao Usui

Dr. Mikao Usui

Reiki Symbol, Japanese script

Further information on reiki can be found on my accompanying site at

Normalene Darrien demonstrating horse reiki