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Meditation is not difficult. In fact we all meditate without realising it in everyday life.

For example, have you ever been gazing at a beautiful view and felt lost in your daydream for a while? Well this is a simple form of meditation. The effects of regular meditation on the nervous system have been proven to reduce stress levels, bringing in a great sense of confidence and peace. There is no right or wrong way to meditate, but there are many ways, and everyone will find the way that works best for them. Meditation can be practised anywhere from a quiet room, to a tranquil place in nature. The instant calming techniques can also be discreetly practised in the workplace, and are so easy to do!

I first trained in Healing Meditation and experienced the calming positive benefits in my own life, this led to me training to become a fully qualified Meditation Teacher in 2006.


I enjoy teaching people to relax and meditate. Instead of doing full day meditation courses, I now offer hourly personal meditation lessons for beginners, which seems to be more popular.

Meditation - Buddha Statue in garden.


Meditation isn’t meant to be complicated. Once instructed, you will be surprised how easy it is to practise at home. I will teach you:-

I also supply written notes and guidelines to take away. You may also learn with a friend and get 10% discount!

Personal meditation session £30.

(If you need more peace in your life, then contact me.) One or two sessions is all it takes!

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