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First of all, there is nothing to be anxious about when receiving either of these techniques. Both are extremely therapeutic and relaxing. At no time will you be under the influence of the therapist, you will not be asleep, just deeply relaxed and conscious of all that takes place. We simply use the positive effects of soothing music, calming voice and a variety of proven powerful techniques, to help find and release whatever is holding you back in life.

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Hypnosis when used in therapy can be a very effective means of reducing and eliminating unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms. It is a safe pleasant and often very successful method designed to relieve and eliminate a wide variety of physical and emotional problems.

Hypnotherapy encourages deep relaxation, which in turn helps to calm and subdue the worrying and often self-critical part of our mind, known as the conscious mind.                  This then allows the hypnotherapist to positively programme the more open and relaxed subconscious, to become more in control, more confident and more successful in whatever area is required.

Many answers to our problems can lie within the subconscious mind. The hypnotherapist uses techniques such as suggestion therapy, NLP, regression, and many other tools of clinical and analytical hypnosis, to safely remove the cause of a person’s problems and not just the symptoms. Many Doctors now share the belief that hypnosis can sometimes help where other techniques have failed.


We work from a comfortable relaxing room ideal for therapy.The first thing either of us does is to take a personal consultation. This is very important as it is used to plan your own personalised therapy. The whole process of hypnotherapy and the many benefits it can bring will be explained in detail, also amount of estimated sessions, and any questions you may have will be answered. Once you feel happy to go ahead, you will simply relax in a comfortable chair and allow the music and vocal techniques of hypnosis to work their magic!

Kalm beachWe believe in doing a job thoroughly, making sure our clients feel as if they have truly turned a corner in their life. We don’t however believe in charging for multiple sessions, our aim is to get you feeling better as swiftly as possible, without cutting corners.

A first session can last about 90 minutes including consultation. You will leave feeling calmer, more optimistic and have more confidence to deal with life.  A therapeutic cd will be given to you for home use. This helps to keep you positively programmed and confident.


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Mind Coaching isn’t about telling you how to live your life! It is about harnessing the powerful person inside to achieve your goals and dreams.

Mind coaching first became recognised for helping athletes and sports people get over mental blocks and reach their peak performance. However, it wasn’t long before the benefits of mind coaching became successful in many other areas.

A mind coaching session with Jim, will help you to remove mental obstacles and rise to greater personal achievement in whatever avenue is required. Mind coaching is prolific in transforming areas of your life such as;- business and career, sports performance – (both competitive and personal,) relationships, exams, goal setting, confidence and behavioural issues, and many more. It is all about finding the stronger, positive aspect of yourself and applying it in the right ways to get optimum positive results.  This powerful therapy can be used on its own, or backed up with hypnosis depending on what you need.

We don’t know what we are capable of unless we try. Mind coaching has the power to break through negativity, open up possibilities and change your life!

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