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Rest assured we have the knowledge, training and understanding to help you. Inner Kalm has been practising in Stirlingshire since 2008.

Life isn’t meant to be to be stressful and unhappy. Sometimes we all need a little assistance from others, who have the experience and compassion to help us get through the difficult times.

Our aim is to help you take control, move forward and smile again!



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Normalene Darrien

Professional Analytical and Curative Hypnotherapist

Dip.AH, Dip.Cur.Hyp., SQHP(Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy), GHR Registered

Certified Parts Therapist - CPTF

Reiki Master-Meditation Teacher M.M.A.N.F.

Normalene Darrien, Senior Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master

My path in life has always been to help, whether it is people or animals. Before learning hypnotherapy I was a complementary therapist for many years, working with Reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy and meditation.  

As well as professional training, I feel it is every bit as important to be compassionate, non-judgmental and understanding. A good listener as they say is “Worth their weight in gold.” I feel blessed to have always had the ability to guide, heal and help others.

I truly care about everyone I work with, for everyone is unique with their own problems and obstacles to overcome. I therefore tailor every session to suit each individual.



Many years ago I decided to learn Reiki, after discovering the many health benefits for myself. I later trained to become a Reiki Master in 2005 and since then I have successfully attuned many students from my training courses. I derive great pleasure in helping people find their Reiki path of healing and peace. I am delighted to offer both Usui - Karuna - and Shamanic Reiki healing sessions. All are very effective in helping people to de-stress and feel better. I am known for putting people at ease, helping them to relax and feel empowered to overcome whatever it is that is making them sad, ill or unhappy. Clients feel comfortable with me, as I am professional yet empathic. I now concentrate purely on Reiki and Hypnosis.


After successfully working with Reiki, hypnosis seemed the right path for me to follow in 2008. I now have a senior qualification in hypnotherapy – SQHP.

I absolutely love my work and get great satisfaction from helping people of all ages overcome problems and enjoy their lives. I can draw from a variety of powerful techniques learned from my thorough training in analytical and curative hypnotherapy.

I specialise in stress release, confidence building, inner child therapy, phobias and emotional problems. I also practise “Parts Therapy” which in itself is extremely beneficial in helping a person take positive control of their wiser self, eliminating the counterproductive more negative part which is holding them back. I trained with the prestigious “Roy Hunter “of the Tebbetts foundation, earning my “Certified Parts Therapist Facilitator diploma” with one of the true masters of hypnotherapy. I now deal with a wide spectrum of problems and personal issues, and have the background training to help you take control of your life in a positive way.

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We are a husband and wife team who individually help people of all ages from all walks of life. We are both passionate about our work and care about every individual’s happiness, success and peace of mind. We work from a peaceful purpose built therapy room where you can feel safe, relaxed and at ease.

We are both fully qualified Hypnotherapists who are registered with the GHR, and in line with the General Hypnotherapy Standards  Council. We also practise Mind coaching and Reiki to help you be all that you can be


James Darrien

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach

D. Hyp, GQHP, GHR Registered,

Certified Smoking Cessation Therapist,   Usui Reiki Master Healer, Karuna Reiki Practitioner.

My Background

I feel you need to have a people background, where you understand the many issues and problems that face members of the public. So, what makes a good therapist?

First and foremost the right training, but also the right background.

I have worked within the NHS for over 20 years, and in that time have encountered and dealt with a huge variety of people from all ages and backgrounds. I am a diplomatic person, known for my ability to defuse and calm situations. All of this has given me excellent social skills over the years.


Having worked with Reiki for many years as a practitioner, I have enjoyed the practise of “Helping People.” One of the greatest things you can do in life is to help another human being! There are many branches to choose from on the therapy tree, and I felt particularly drawn to learning and studying hypnosis and the many benefits it can bring. This led to me achieving my diploma in “Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching.”             


In particular, is fantastic in helping motivate people to become more successful. I admire the way Clinical Hypnotherapy can solve frustrating issues that may have been blocking a person’s progression. Hypnosis has many areas of expertise in which I am trained to help, in particular NLP, suggestion therapy, regression, confidence building, fear and phobia release, anger management, relationship issues, inner child work and parts therapy.  I am dedicated and passionate about helping you to achieve inner peace and happiness, releasing you from fears, unwanted behaviours and social anxieties. I am known for being a good listener, and put everyone I work with immediately at ease.


I also specialise in helping smokers to quit the habit in only one session, having undergone specialised training as a “Smoking Cessation Therapist “ Hypnosis can be a great aid to quitting the habit where other areas may have failed. Ask yourself if you really want to stop! and if so, then please get in touch and I will do my best to help you to be free At last!

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Suzanne Todd

Reiki Master Healer

Sazanne Todd, Reiki Master Healer


Suzanne has worked with Reiki for many years and is an experienced Reiki Master Healer.

A compassionate soul, she is dedicated to healing and specialises purely in Reiki. Suzanne has many regular clients from recommendations, and is known for her strong healing energies and ability. Distant healing is offered free of charge to both people and animals on request.

Suzanne is also happy to offer concessionary rates to senior citizens, students, and people on low income who may find it hard to afford typical therapy prices. If you would like to book a session with Suzanne, contact Inner Kalm Therapies.

Norma's therapeutic butterfly

If you wish to book an appointment with either of us for hypnotherapy, mind coaching or reiki, or have any questions on how we may help, then please email Inner Kalm, or telephone our home number or mobile. If we are unavailable at that moment, please leave your contact details and a short message. You will be contacted by us within 24 hours.